Crystal Garden Series ~ Gary Word

Glass artist Gary Word has brought a magical new series of glass art to the gallery! Gary says, “Inspiration comes from all around and nature is abundant in color, shapes and expression. This new series is a refection of that meaning. In my vision as a prolific artist,  nature is my subject, to design  elements in a dimensional organic appearance. The illumination of light adds another dimension, bringing  life into the sculpture as a living organism.”

Each sculpture is made with fused crystal glass, and is on an LED illuminated base.


Check out these quick 30 second videos to get a complete 360 degree view of these magnificent sculptures! See more of his glass art here.

Emerald Garden (below)

Crystal Scroll (below)

Emerald Forest (below)

Cole Gallery Edmonds Plein Air Paint Out!

Corner Bistro_18x24_oil_2100Saturday August 13 / 10am-5pm – Join Cole Gallery artists for out first Edmonds Plein Air Paint Out! They’ll set up their easels in Edmonds and paint our local beauty. Find their locations by following us on Facebook and Twitter #colegallerypaintout. Here’s the line-up for Saturday:
  • Brooke Borcherding, guest artist and formerly at Cole, won 1st PlaceSandyByers_PillarsOfTheValley_10x20_oilOnGalleryWrap_750_at Cannon Beach’s Annual Plein Air Festival in July. She’ll be painting 10am-noon. See her recent work here.
  • Sandy Byers and Deb Cepeda, 10am-2pm, see Sandy’s website here and Deb’s work here.
  • Plein Air award winner Jennifer Diehl, coming all the way from her Hemlock+Street,+18x24,+June+2016_Brookehome near Portland to join us, will be painting noon-5pm .

Check out participating artist bios:

The French phrase “en plein air” means “in the open air”. Painting en plein air was big with French and American Impressionists, who loved to capture fleeting moments of outdoor beauty, changing with the light of the passing day. Painting outdoors requires certain skills and can be quite challenging. Plein Air painting is still popular with artists and art Debra Cepeda, The boys 'round here, 12 x 24, oil, $1400enthusiasts today!

Coming Up ~

♦ Plein Air Paint Out in Edmonds Part II, Saturday September 10th! Join gallery artists, including Angela Bandurka and Joe Mac Kechnie and more in this fun event! These wonderful artists will be found enjoying the outdoors and painting the beautiful town and scenery of Edmonds. Look for them around town, or join in on the painting yourself!

♦ Then come back for the Plein Air show at Cole Gallery on Art Walk on Thurs Sept 15!
All the Plein Air art will be available for viewing and for purchase at that time.

Visit our website for more event information!


Artists On Demand ~

In his newest sculpture, David Varnau has encapsulated a sense of freedom and letting go. His models pose and the wind blown effect of her clothing ‘convey the notion of surrender or abandon, almost appearing to defy gravity’.

Titled ‘Yes!’, he states that this piece “hearkens to those times in our own lives when we let go of control and open ourselves to what life has to offer.”

In the video below he shares his artistic technique and the message behind his beautiful sculpture.

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Artists On Demand ~ Gary Word Glass Instruments

Our only glass artist at the gallery, Gary Word is a man of exceptional talent. We are currently showcasing his fused glass salmon pieces, but he is also incredibly well known for his playable (yes, playable!) fused glass instruments. Scroll down to check out a video of Daniel Lennon playing Gary’s ‘Epiphone Guitar’.

“Since 2000, I have been working in fused glass. The thrust of my present work in this medium is the continuation of a seven-year journey of the production of stringed instruments. The instruments – electric guitars and classical stringed instruments, adding to vast and unique contemporary American art and culture.”

Epiphone Guitar (hollow body) produced of Spectrum crystal glass, modeled from (Casino style / many famous musicians performed) this instrument is 100% playable and has been performed at music venues, accurately designed and fabrication consists kiln forming 39 sections of glass and all Epiphone hardware actual size weight 9.8 pds

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Artists On Demand ~ David Varnau’s ‘Joie de Vivre’

David Varnau’s Joie de Vivre is his newest addition to our gallery! Full of life and energy, she captures visitors attention immediately and imparts on them happiness and joy.

A brief commentary from David on this piece:

The 44 inch high sculpture depicts a young girl standing with her arms outstretched, her smiling face gazing up into the sunshine. A breeze blows her clothing and hair, creating a dynamic image and capturing a joyful moment in time. It reflects theFront Right Oblique variation light adjustedDSC_0024 moments of our lives when all is well, our senses are heightened and we feel the grace of being alive.

Joie de Vivre is engaging and invites viewers to experience her message of openness.
Since the subject matter is that of a child, and the fact that she is life size, she elicits
immediate interaction from children who view her. Viewers of all ages resonate on a
visceral level with the sculpture and she almost always elicits a smile.

The little girl that inspired the piece was my granddaughter, Abigail, who was 4 years
old at the time that I sculpted her. A beguiling, open-hearted and upbeat child, Abigail is the heart of the message presented by the sculpture. It was my first time sculpting a life sized child and gave me new appreciation for sculptors who do children. I am accustomed to sculpting from a live adult model who holds a pose for twenty minutes at a stretch. When sculpting Abby, I could get about a minute from her with lots of bribing.

Since she lives three hours away, I was reduced to working largely from photographs of her and from actual measurements, even from a tracing of her silhouette. Interestingly, when I had the clay original complete, I asked Abigail what she thought of it. She replied, “Papa, it doesn’t look like me.” Ouch! I worked more on it, but her response was still the same. When I brought the finished, newly cast bronze sculpture back from the foundry, she commented, “Now it looks like me!” I was puzzled and pointed out that it is an exact copy of the clay original and asked, “Why does it suddenly look like you?”

She replied, “Because it’s shiny!”

Additional editions are available to our art collectors.

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Nocturne ~ Night Scenes with Angela Bandurka & Ron Stocke

July brings us longer days and beautiful summer nights. We wanted to celebrate and explore the beauty of the evening – the alluring city lights and  and the bewitching night skies – in our upcoming exhibit ‘Nocturne ~ Night Scenes featuring Angela Bandurka & Ron Stocke’.

From Angela Bandurka:

 “I’ve been drawing to painting night scenes for a couple of years, beginning in my studio painting candles. The light is so unique when you paint in the dark – and the challenge of painting with a small lamp on my canvas and palette are exhilarating. This upcoming series of nocturnal images deal with a city at night, and looking into store windows and the peaceful solitude of the city in the evening after the shops have closed. I used resource photography for most of the paintings I’m working on this time around, which presents its own challenges. Getting to my settings before it’s fully dark, but allowing the contrast to be heightened after the sun sets. Playing with cool and warm light sources. I limited my palette, using no black but instead a mix of browns and blues for my darks which allowed me to switch between warm and cool darks easily without making my painting look heavy or muddy. I have really enjoyed painting these pieces and look forward to continuing the series.”

From Ron Stocke:

“Night scenes can be a challenge for watercolorist. Most of the time the sky is our lightest value in a painting, but when painting a nocturnal piece, your darkest values are usually in the sky. This presents a challenge of where to begin your piece. For me, it’s all about the light. Daylight can be more harsh with a single, bright light source coming from above. Night scenes can be lit by multiple sources of light in any direction, in different color temperatures, and with varied shadows. This gives me the freedom to play with lost and found edges, to create interesting and dramatic reflections, and silhouetted figures – all of which can really impact the mood of the painting. This series was exhilarating to create as it was technically challenging and at the same time allowed for some exciting artistic expression.”

Join us for a special evening of wine and hors d’oeuvres, celebrating these artists at the Nocturne Show on Saturday July 9th, 6:30-9:00pm.


Artists On Demand ~ Willow Bader’s Encaustic Process

Willow Bader is an exceptionally talented encaustic artist  – and the only one we have at the gallery! Encaustic is pigmented beeswax, and is one of the oldest art forms, dating all the way to Ancient Greece during the 5th century. Although this ancient painting medium has declined in use over time, it’s artists like Willow that are bringing it back into the mainstream and elevating it to the realm of Fine Art.

In this video, Willow gives us an inside look into her studio and  her encaustic painting process.


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