Nocturne ~ Night Scenes with Angela Bandurka & Ron Stocke

July brings us longer days and beautiful summer nights. We wanted to celebrate and explore the beauty of the evening – the alluring city lights and  and the bewitching night skies – in our upcoming exhibit ‘Nocturne ~ Night Scenes featuring Angela Bandurka & Ron Stocke’.

From Angela Bandurka:

 “I’ve been drawing to painting night scenes for a couple of years, beginning in my studio painting candles. The light is so unique when you paint in the dark – and the challenge of painting with a small lamp on my canvas and palette are exhilarating. This upcoming series of nocturnal images deal with a city at night, and looking into store windows and the peaceful solitude of the city in the evening after the shops have closed. I used resource photography for most of the paintings I’m working on this time around, which presents its own challenges. Getting to my settings before it’s fully dark, but allowing the contrast to be heightened after the sun sets. Playing with cool and warm light sources. I limited my palette, using no black but instead a mix of browns and blues for my darks which allowed me to switch between warm and cool darks easily without making my painting look heavy or muddy. I have really enjoyed painting these pieces and look forward to continuing the series.”

From Ron Stocke:

“Night scenes can be a challenge for watercolorist. Most of the time the sky is our lightest value in a painting, but when painting a nocturnal piece, your darkest values are usually in the sky. This presents a challenge of where to begin your piece. For me, it’s all about the light. Daylight can be more harsh with a single, bright light source coming from above. Night scenes can be lit by multiple sources of light in any direction, in different color temperatures, and with varied shadows. This gives me the freedom to play with lost and found edges, to create interesting and dramatic reflections, and silhouetted figures – all of which can really impact the mood of the painting. This series was exhilarating to create as it was technically challenging and at the same time allowed for some exciting artistic expression.”

Join us for a special evening of wine and hors d’oeuvres, celebrating these artists at the Nocturne Show on Saturday July 9th, 6:30-9:00pm.


Artists On Demand ~ Willow Bader’s Encaustic Process

Willow Bader is an exceptionally talented encaustic artist  – and the only one we have at the gallery! Encaustic is pigmented beeswax, and is one of the oldest art forms, dating all the way to Ancient Greece during the 5th century. Although this ancient painting medium has declined in use over time, it’s artists like Willow that are bringing it back into the mainstream and elevating it to the realm of Fine Art.

In this video, Willow gives us an inside look into her studio and  her encaustic painting process.


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Artists On Demand ~ Andy Eccleshall ‘Why Do I Paint’

After a brief hiatus, Artists On Demand is back! We are pleased to resume this series with a video of oil painter Andy Eccleshall talking about ‘what drives him as an artist to paint what he does. The film explores his works, inspirations, and passions in a studio conversation with filmmaker Shannon Black’.

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Artists On Demand ~ Russian Impressionism w/ Pam Ingalls

Renowned Russian Impressionist Pam Ingalls stuns us again! Her thick, buttery texture and stunning use of color, combined with her simple choice of subject matter, draws the viewer in again and again. Even after watching her technique, the finished painting appears as if it’s magic!

In the video below, Pam “demonstrates her portrait technique at the Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio. Her model is Celina Dill.”

Of course, it’s not magic. But if you want to learn the secrets to her stunning painting techniques, sign up for her next workshop, “Oil Painting in the Russian Impressionist Tradition” this month!

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Artists On Demand ~ The Proposal & Angela Bandurka

‘Tis the season for weddings. Just last week we sold six pieces of sculpture to a couple who had six weddings to go to this summer! Angela Bandurka has been commissioned to paint a few wedding proposals, and this is a video of her most recent one. We highly suggest taking the time to watch the entire video – her process is inspiring and eye-opening (and hey, what better way to propose to your love than with a heartfelt, beautiful piece of art!?). If you’re thinking about popping the question to that special someone, check out Angela’s paintings here, or contact the gallery for commission inquiries.

Don’t miss more of her amazing work in her upcoming show Nocturne ~ Night Scenes featuring Angela Bandurka and Ron Stocke his July!

Welcoming Layne Cook to Cole Gallery!

thiscouldbebestartofsomething_30x30_oiloncanvas_2100We are so excited to introduce our newest artist, Layne Cook, to our gallery family! In 2001 Layne decided to pursue her passion of painting, and has been exhibiting her work ever since. Using her life experience to fuel her creative energy, Layne’s favorite subject to paint is the human form; composition, light and shadows, and the use of color are integral in her work. Layne began working with clay in 2007 “and has fallen in love with glazing. The end result has been a merging of the two mediums; her paints have taken on the depth of glazes and her glazing reveals her experience in paint.”

Layne’s thoughts on joining the gallery, her artwork, and her upcoming artistic plans!

I am proud to be joining the superb artists at Cole Gallery. In my view, an appealing gallery presents a variety of professional quality artwork in a cohesive and inviting way, and greets customers with enthmorningstroll_30x24_oilonpanel_1600usiasm but not pressure. Cole Gallery does all of these things.

My artwork is impressionistic and semi-representational. Since I began to work with clay and glazes in 2007, I have paid much more attention to expressing the richness of the paint. This has led to more areas of abstraction within my composition. My favorite subject matter is the figure in either interior or exterior settings, and I am especially drawn to gesture. My clay work is more stylized and generally features women’s faces. It’s tricky to paint with glazes, as most of the ones I use look much different out of the jar than they will look when fired. I make numerous test tiles to reduce the unpredictability, but I don’t want to entirely discourage surprises. I only want to increase the probability of happy surprises.

I have been away from my painting studio for 6 months, as I spend the fall and winter playing with clay in Arizona. I’m buzzing with ideas for new paintings and plan to have a productive and fun summer.

We can’t wait to see what new, beautiful pieces she creates this summer! See her available pieces on our website.


Artists On Demand ~ Finger Painting Vibrant Landscapes

Kimberly Adams, Oil Finger Painter, is a true talent. Her highly textural and colorful landscapes bring joy and light into every room and every person. Disposing of her paintbrushes and using only her fingers to create these gorgeous pieces, “Kimberly’s art represents heart, passion and adventure. Her goal is to share this love with others by inspiring them to pause and embrace the moments around them that can so quickly be lost.” Applying the paint directly with her fingers creates a different kind of relationship between painter and painting – it’s more tactile, more connected. Check out her latest video, in which she “shares the story behind her oil paintings and how her love for adventure finds it’s way into her work.”

From Kimberly: “When you use your heart as a filter, you will never make a mistake.”

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