Breathe, Part 2 ~ Andy Eccleshall

In Part 1 we shared the backstories behind five of Andy’s paintings from his February show, “Breathe”. Here is the second half of our mini-series!

Cloud Sailing 72 x 36 oil on canvas $6,950.jpg
“Cloud Sailing” 72×36

A typically stunning weather day on Puget Sound. This cloud study shows a wonderfully unusual cloud formation, reminiscent of a sail boat, off the southern tip of Whidbey Island.

Late Summer Sky 30 x 40 oil on canvas $4,850.jpg
“Late Summer Sky” 30×40

This painting is simply the celebration of light and warmth and contrast. The shadow over the hill on the right is a subtle hint that fall is waiting around the corner, as is the slight touch of color in the tree to the left.

Four Fold 24 x 30 oil on canvas $2,950.jpg
“Four Fold” 24×30

A simple flash back to the little (and unfortunately named) village of Lower Slaughter in the English Cotswolds.

Skagit Spring 36 x 36 oil on canvas $4,950.jpg
“Skagit Spring” 36×36

The fantastic colors of the Skagit Valley in the spring are used to provide a vivid flash across the bottom of this soft northwest landscape.

Fading Light 36 x 48 oil on canvas $5,800
“Fading Light” 36×48

While the majority of the pieces in this collection are positive, there is a tendency in all creative people to slip into a darker side from time to time. “Fading Light” is a result of and an expression of that side. When I find myself in one of these darker moments I the best way to get out of it is to paint my way out. To paint what I feel. This allows me to move through whatever the difficulty is and to recapture the light and energy I need and desire for the majority of my work. Some of these darker pieces never get completed as just the initial journey through them provides the “artistic therapy” I need to move on. Out of the 15 or so pieces in this series there were only two of these darker paintings, done towards the end of the series and brought on by exterior influences, not through any sort of artistic malaise or lack of direction. Consider this painting a heavy downpour on an otherwise gloriously sunny road trip.

As a painting, without the background story, it simply depicts the very last light of day, leaving the majority of the landscape which we normally clearly see, in moody silhouette. We don’t know what the rest of the night holds, but we have faith that the sun will rise again in the morning and all will be good.

You can view Andy’s collection here.

Breathe, Part 1 ~ Andy Eccleshall

In February we introduced Andy Eccleshall’s latest group of work in a showed titled ‘Breathe’. We often ask our artists to talk about their inspiration and the back stories of paintings. I recently asked Andy Eccleshall to share his stories from his recent show ‘Breathe’, which we are sharing in a two part mini-series. If you haven’t had a chance to see this show, we hope you can come in to view it. Most of Andy’s paintings are quite large and make quite an impact when seen in person.

Quiet Change 36 x 36 oil on canvas $4,950
“Quiet Change” 36×36, Sold

“Quiet Change” is closely based on an area south of Monroe Washington on Highway 202. This is the third or fourth time I have included this particular grouping of trees in a painting, I find them fascinating. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why I like that area so much, there’s something mystical about it.

The title relates to the juxtaposition of the perfectly still and “silent” landscape with the brewing weather change in the background. The stationary elements slowly being eroded by the constantly changing environment. I’ve been visiting this area for years and while on first glance it never changes, I’m aware that in a quiet way it’s changing constantly, little by little dissolving back into the water and earth while all the time thriving and teaming with life.”

Better days ahead 30 x 40 oil on canvas $4,850
“Better Days Ahead” 30×40

This title is both literal and metaphorical. The storm cloud passing to the left obviously shows that better days are indeed ahead but this painting is one in a series which refocus my artistic intent. After feeling somewhat lost for several months I began to rediscover my direction, a revisiting of the elements of landscape which excite me. “Better Days Ahead” is a celebration of that rediscovered pathway.


Windward 24 x 48 oil on canvas $4,950
“Windward” 24×48

A moody late afternoon scene reminiscent of the Skagit Valley. The Skagit offers endless inspiration for sky paintings as the landscape is usually fairly minimal. This gives me the opportunity to squeeze the horizon line down to the bottom of the painting, making it all about the sky. In this case the horizon line runs through the middle of the painting which creates a pleasing balance between land and sky and a series of interesting pathways between the two.


Gray's Harbor Gold 24 x 36 oil on canvas $3,750.jpg
“Grays Harbor Gold” 24×36

One of favorite places to go as a family over the years has been the Washington Coast. From the mesmerizing beauty north coast of the peninsular, around to Kalaloch and down to the Long Beach Peninsular. This painting depicts a typical summer day around Grays Harbor County. The tide is in, filling the mud flats and leaving the golden grass exposed. The fog and low cloud on the coast is visible in the distance and hold the promise that, while it’s 75 and sunny here, it’s fleece weather on the beach!


Drifting 36 x 36 oil on canvas $4,950.jpg
“Drifting” 36×36

Closely based on the landscape around my parents’ home in Stafford, England. It always feels to me that in the English Midlands the sky is closer to you. This painting tries to capture the sense of closeness. “Drifting” simply relates to constant movement of weather across the landscape, sun and showers and wind in the wheat. This flat and rolling landscape is what I grew up in and the main focus of this painting was to faithfully capture the light of a breezy, showery day in mid June.

You can view Andy’s collection of work here.


Crystal Garden Series ~ Gary Word

Glass artist Gary Word has brought a magical new series of glass art to the gallery! Gary says, “Inspiration comes from all around and nature is abundant in color, shapes and expression. This new series is a refection of that meaning. In my vision as a prolific artist,  nature is my subject, to design  elements in a dimensional organic appearance. The illumination of light adds another dimension, bringing  life into the sculpture as a living organism.”

Each sculpture is made with fused crystal glass, and is on an LED illuminated base.


Check out these quick 30 second videos to get a complete 360 degree view of these magnificent sculptures! See more of his glass art here.

Emerald Garden (below)

Crystal Scroll (below)

Emerald Forest (below)

Cole Gallery Edmonds Plein Air Paint Out!

Corner Bistro_18x24_oil_2100Saturday August 13 / 10am-5pm – Join Cole Gallery artists for out first Edmonds Plein Air Paint Out! They’ll set up their easels in Edmonds and paint our local beauty. Find their locations by following us on Facebook and Twitter #colegallerypaintout. Here’s the line-up for Saturday:
  • Brooke Borcherding, guest artist and formerly at Cole, won 1st PlaceSandyByers_PillarsOfTheValley_10x20_oilOnGalleryWrap_750_at Cannon Beach’s Annual Plein Air Festival in July. She’ll be painting 10am-noon. See her recent work here.
  • Sandy Byers and Deb Cepeda, 10am-2pm, see Sandy’s website here and Deb’s work here.
  • Plein Air award winner Jennifer Diehl, coming all the way from her Hemlock+Street,+18x24,+June+2016_Brookehome near Portland to join us, will be painting noon-5pm .

Check out participating artist bios:

The French phrase “en plein air” means “in the open air”. Painting en plein air was big with French and American Impressionists, who loved to capture fleeting moments of outdoor beauty, changing with the light of the passing day. Painting outdoors requires certain skills and can be quite challenging. Plein Air painting is still popular with artists and art Debra Cepeda, The boys 'round here, 12 x 24, oil, $1400enthusiasts today!

Coming Up ~

♦ Plein Air Paint Out in Edmonds Part II, Saturday September 10th! Join gallery artists, including Angela Bandurka and Joe Mac Kechnie and more in this fun event! These wonderful artists will be found enjoying the outdoors and painting the beautiful town and scenery of Edmonds. Look for them around town, or join in on the painting yourself!

♦ Then come back for the Plein Air show at Cole Gallery on Art Walk on Thurs Sept 15!
All the Plein Air art will be available for viewing and for purchase at that time.

Visit our website for more event information!


Artists On Demand ~ David Varnau’s ‘Joie de Vivre’

David Varnau’s Joie de Vivre is his newest addition to our gallery! Full of life and energy, she captures visitors attention immediately and imparts on them happiness and joy.

A brief commentary from David on this piece:

The 44 inch high sculpture depicts a young girl standing with her arms outstretched, her smiling face gazing up into the sunshine. A breeze blows her clothing and hair, creating a dynamic image and capturing a joyful moment in time. It reflects theFront Right Oblique variation light adjustedDSC_0024 moments of our lives when all is well, our senses are heightened and we feel the grace of being alive.

Joie de Vivre is engaging and invites viewers to experience her message of openness.
Since the subject matter is that of a child, and the fact that she is life size, she elicits
immediate interaction from children who view her. Viewers of all ages resonate on a
visceral level with the sculpture and she almost always elicits a smile.

The little girl that inspired the piece was my granddaughter, Abigail, who was 4 years
old at the time that I sculpted her. A beguiling, open-hearted and upbeat child, Abigail is the heart of the message presented by the sculpture. It was my first time sculpting a life sized child and gave me new appreciation for sculptors who do children. I am accustomed to sculpting from a live adult model who holds a pose for twenty minutes at a stretch. When sculpting Abby, I could get about a minute from her with lots of bribing.

Since she lives three hours away, I was reduced to working largely from photographs of her and from actual measurements, even from a tracing of her silhouette. Interestingly, when I had the clay original complete, I asked Abigail what she thought of it. She replied, “Papa, it doesn’t look like me.” Ouch! I worked more on it, but her response was still the same. When I brought the finished, newly cast bronze sculpture back from the foundry, she commented, “Now it looks like me!” I was puzzled and pointed out that it is an exact copy of the clay original and asked, “Why does it suddenly look like you?”

She replied, “Because it’s shiny!”

Additional editions are available to our art collectors.

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Artists On Demand ~ Willow Bader’s Encaustic Process

Willow Bader is an exceptionally talented encaustic artist  – and the only one we have at the gallery! Encaustic is pigmented beeswax, and is one of the oldest art forms, dating all the way to Ancient Greece during the 5th century. Although this ancient painting medium has declined in use over time, it’s artists like Willow that are bringing it back into the mainstream and elevating it to the realm of Fine Art.

In this video, Willow gives us an inside look into her studio and  her encaustic painting process.


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Artists On Demand ~ Andy Eccleshall ‘Why Do I Paint’

After a brief hiatus, Artists On Demand is back! We are pleased to resume this series with a video of oil painter Andy Eccleshall talking about ‘what drives him as an artist to paint what he does. The film explores his works, inspirations, and passions in a studio conversation with filmmaker Shannon Black’.

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