Artists On Demand ~ Gary Word Glass Instruments

Our only glass artist at the gallery, Gary Word is a man of exceptional talent. We are currently showcasing his fused glass salmon pieces, but he is also incredibly well known for his playable (yes, playable!) fused glass instruments. Scroll down to check out a video of Daniel Lennon playing Gary’s ‘Epiphone Guitar’.

“Since 2000, I have been working in fused glass. The thrust of my present work in this medium is the continuation of a seven-year journey of the production of stringed instruments. The instruments – electric guitars and classical stringed instruments, adding to vast and unique contemporary American art and culture.”

Epiphone Guitar (hollow body) produced of Spectrum crystal glass, modeled from (Casino style / many famous musicians performed) this instrument is 100% playable and has been performed at music venues, accurately designed and fabrication consists kiln forming 39 sections of glass and all Epiphone hardware actual size weight 9.8 pds

Stay tuned for more Artists On Demand videos posted weekly! You can also find our videos (and more!) on these platforms: | | |

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