Welcoming Layne Cook to Cole Gallery!

thiscouldbebestartofsomething_30x30_oiloncanvas_2100We are so excited to introduce our newest artist, Layne Cook, to our gallery family! In 2001 Layne decided to pursue her passion of painting, and has been exhibiting her work ever since. Using her life experience to fuel her creative energy, Layne’s favorite subject to paint is the human form; composition, light and shadows, and the use of color are integral in her work. Layne began working with clay in 2007 “and has fallen in love with glazing. The end result has been a merging of the two mediums; her paints have taken on the depth of glazes and her glazing reveals her experience in paint.”

Layne’s thoughts on joining the gallery, her artwork, and her upcoming artistic plans!

I am proud to be joining the superb artists at Cole Gallery. In my view, an appealing gallery presents a variety of professional quality artwork in a cohesive and inviting way, and greets customers with enthmorningstroll_30x24_oilonpanel_1600usiasm but not pressure. Cole Gallery does all of these things.

My artwork is impressionistic and semi-representational. Since I began to work with clay and glazes in 2007, I have paid much more attention to expressing the richness of the paint. This has led to more areas of abstraction within my composition. My favorite subject matter is the figure in either interior or exterior settings, and I am especially drawn to gesture. My clay work is more stylized and generally features women’s faces. It’s tricky to paint with glazes, as most of the ones I use look much different out of the jar than they will look when fired. I make numerous test tiles to reduce the unpredictability, but I don’t want to entirely discourage surprises. I only want to increase the probability of happy surprises.

I have been away from my painting studio for 6 months, as I spend the fall and winter playing with clay in Arizona. I’m buzzing with ideas for new paintings and plan to have a productive and fun summer.

We can’t wait to see what new, beautiful pieces she creates this summer! See her available pieces on our website.


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